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Elevate your handle with the HeavyBall

HandeLife Basketball

Train like the pros with their heavy ball of choice and gain FREE access to programs from their NBA skills coach.

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Johnny Stephen Dribbling HandleLife Heavyball

Designed to Strengthen

  • Hand Speed
  • Ball-Handling Efficiency
  • Ball Control
  • Playmaking Ability

Trusted By

NBA Advocates

A cheat code to dribble like the proffessionals

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Chris Paul

NBA Point Guard

Improve your handles, Improve all aspects of your game.

DeMar DeRozan

NBA Shooting Guard, Small Forward

You get the ability to handle that ball, and everything else just comes easy.

Coby White

NBA Point Guard

I use the HeavyBall almost everyday. It’s a great way to work on your handle and warm up.

Matisse Thybulle

NBA Shooting Guard

HandleLife is taking guys who are good and making them great.

Lexie Brown

WNBA Gaurd

It’s gonna get your handle right. It makes you think about, you know, where the ball is. It makes you keep your eyes up all the time so I think its really, really good.

Andrew Wiggins

NBA Power Forward, Small Forward

The HeavyBall helps with every thing that has to do with dribbling! From my pickup, to getting to my spot quicker, I have better control of the basketball. Using HandleLife everyday gets my handles ready for the season.

Anthony Davis

NBA Center

I've seen all the progress Johnny's had with Demar, KD, Seph Curry... so I wanted to work on my game as well. Now, I'm not worried about losing the ball, I'm confident with my handles.

HandleLife Heavy Ball

train hard so you can make the game easy


Learn pro moves with NBA skills coach Johnny Stephene

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Ball Features

True Bounce and game-ball feel

Our 3 lb heavyweight basketball comes in a sleek orange and black design and two different sizes to fit men, women, and youth athletes.

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Meet Your Trainer

"I’ll help you prepare for game day with a focus on ball handling, control, hand speed, and muscle memory. Let’s go!"

Johnny Stephene

handlelife founder and NBA skills coach


Ready to transform your game?

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Youth's Ball28.5” (size 6)
Men's Ball29.5” (size 7)
Women's Ball28.5” (size 6)


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The HeavyBall is currently out of stock, but it’ll be back in just a few weeks. Please sign up for our email list to be the first to know when it’s back!